Bleed Radio Bolivia

June 13, 2011 – 11:33 am

Bleed Radio Bleed, who released their first full length White Horse / Black Horse on Break Even last Fall, have been enjoying some radio success lately… in Bolivia. Their song “On to Me” has recently been among the top 7 most requested songs on Stereo 97’s rock show Sonido Nacional. The song peaked at number 2 and held the spot for two weeks before dropping to number 3. The single also debuted recently on Rock and Bol, a rock show that airs on Radio Double 8 Latina. Both stations are based out of La Paz, Bolivia.

As fun as this news is for us at Break Even, how cool would it be to have a Break Even song hit number one? Want to help? If so send an e-mail to: that says something like, “Por favor pidan “On To Me” de Bleed Radio Bleed.”

You can check out more about our new Bolivian friends at the links below:

Rock and Bol
Sonido Nacional


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